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I am an energetic and enthusiastic web developer, based in Iran. As a teenager studying in a technical school, I took a detour into the web technology world which totally changed the path of my life and career. From those years, my keen interest in web development has prompted me to pursue training and I have been happily designing well-coded and professional websites over the last 5 years. My successful participation in 2013 national skill competitions was also an outstanding platform giving me an opportunity to prove my capabilities and enter to leading companies where I have learned, improved, and completed many high profile projects. read more ...



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Skills detail

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Web Design
At first of my work,I started designing simple web pages with frontpage (MS Office 2000). After a short time, I became aware of my superb talent for creating web pages and I persistently attempted to learn more and more about the web design languages such as HTML,CSS, Javascript,and JQuery.
Now, I have proven track record of web development with PHP and MySQL for over 5 years. Also, as the member of a development team in one of the huge companies where we should work with ASP.NET and Oracle, I have achieved an extensive expertise in these 2 areas.I am extremely interested in learning new programming languages and upgrading my skills.I have been recently learning Node.JS and I have created a simple chat room system with NodeJS and PHP.
SEO Analisys
As you can see in my portfolio, most of the developed websites are user friendly search engine and I have never had any complaints from my customers with respect to SEO.I use google analytics for monitoring and utilize good html tags for best response in search engines.

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E-mail: me@amiretemad.ir Phone:+989380707181

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